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Our Vetting Process

Each prospective member is asked to fill out a thorough application form and attest that they self identify as black, brown, indigenous, or a person of color. All members sign an agreement attesting to our values and offer their professional services to people of NYC or surrounding areas. Each application is meticulously reviewed, each link checked, and each person is verified by the founders.

Members must:

  • self identify as a black, brown, indigenous, or a person of color 
  • be a provider or professional serving the NYC or surrounding areas
  • agree to work with birthing people and families around pregnancy, birth, and postpartum regardless of race, gender, creed, sexual orientation, birth preferences and reproductive pathways
  • agree to provide those we serve with information, resources, education, support, access to birth professionals, advocacy and community
  • stay in good standing and uphold the Bridge Directory’s mission

Doula helping pregnant person