Sakina O’Uhuru's headshot
Sakina O’Uhuru

I am a Grand Warrior Midwife aka Gran/Granny Midwife.

For the last 25 years, I’ve practiced the art of the wise ancient ways of my foremothers; Daughter of Queen Mother Oshun Anointed by Mother Earth to carry on the tradition of Midwifery passed on to me by my Grandmother. I value this tradition of healing and centering. I am deeply passionate about supporting women, couples, and families. I support them in creating the most gratifying, dignified, joy-filled, culturally-relevant, transformative labor and birth experience. This is my dharma supporting, honoring, serving. I am honored to serve as an elder to the Bridge & the executive committee. I will offer my wisdom, knowledge, experience and all of the lessons garnered through my practice, leadership, relationships & role as a mother, grandmother, Womb Warrior & Warrior Midwife.

I am always grateful for the continuum of opportunities to support communities we all serve as birthworkers.

I am committed to the tradition of passing down the art of midwifery through our community midwifery training program: A Wombman’s Way Warrior Midwife Training. Our program is committed to amplifying the voices of women and mitigating poor birth outcomes by creating positive solutions that lead to better, more impactful birth and perinatal outcomes within Black & Brown communities.

Asante Sana.

I am here… hear me roar.