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Black Women/Black birthing people are suffering from many common Postpartum problems & this Certification addresses these issues as well as shares practical, holistic, ancient and traditional knowledge on how to prevent and/or help moms heal!

This is a complete Whole Body, Ancient Knowledge Certification program and you’ll learn:

  • Holistic modalities to address the nutritional, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of moms
  • Detailed instructions on preparation of nutritious and restorative meals, baths and Herbal teas that create a sense of well-being for both mom and the family
  • Culturally sensitive approaches to postpartum care
  • Preventing uterine and bladder prolapse and disease
  • Strengthening, toning and revitalizing reproductive organs with the use of herbs, deep breathing and vaginal exercises.
  • In-Depth look at PPD: how to recognize signs and symptoms, prevention & herbal remedies
  • Physical, Mental and Spiritual healing after miscarriage or abortion
  • Sacredness of the Placenta and how to encapsulate and use for healing


Location TBD but in NYC area