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The Bridge helps service and care providers reach people of color and their families. More than a resource for families of color, The Bridge is a community of professionals committed to healing disparities in health and wellness by providing supportive and culturally safe care.

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What Is the Bridge Directory?

A user-friendly website and community where families of color can find & connect with our vetted care providers.

Our aim is to assist these families in locating a best-fit professional by selecting their healthcare & wellness needs, insurance, location and more.

We are currently accepting members from these locations: New York City, Long Island, northern New Jersey, southern Connecticut, and Westchester. 

Why Join The Bridge Directory?

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Stand in Your Values

Help us heal a broken system by offering great and safe care to the people you serve. We can elicit change—one family at a time. 

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Reach Right-Fit Clients

Your ideal clients are looking for you; for someone they can trust. Your listing has filters tailored so families can easily find you and your services.

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Raise Your Profile

Members of the Directory are given the stamp of approval from our Founders—all women of color, all building their own families.

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Embrace Purposeful Community

Share your offerings and grow as a professional during our workshops, networking events, and knowledge shares with fellow members. 

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Learn from Elders

Seek wisdom, accountability, and guidance from our council of community-nominated elders, working cooperatively to heal from the inside.


“The Bridge is more than just a resource. I’m here for the friendships and a large network of resources that I can offer to my clients who most of the time are people of color or folks living in under-served communities with limited resources. No one says it better than Adrienne Maree Brown in Emergent Strategy: ‘We are realizing that we must become the systems we need—no government, political party, or corporation is going to care for us, so we have to remember how to care for each other.’”

–Eugenia Martinez

doula and childbirth educator

“Cultivating a strong sense of community and being able to empower people. There are so many different definitions of success, and I love helping people establish their own definition instead of striving towards a predetermined one.”

–Marissa Goulborne

 yoga instructor + owner of Prana Prenatal Yoga

Cost of Membership

1-year membership for an individual practitioner:
Individual practitioner

Includes one single profile

1-year membership for a company, cooperative, or organization:

Includes one organizational profile and up to 5 practitioner profiles

Monthly membership (for 12 months) for an individual practitioner
Individual practitioner

Includes one single profile

Monthly membership (for 12 months) for a company, cooperative, or organization

Includes one organizational profile and up to 5 practitioner profiles