Our Goal

At Ashe Birthing Services, we create a balance between evidence-based research and ancestral practices. This allows us to offer families a unique individual experience that is often missing in mainstream maternal care. Each of our packages are curated to fit the specific needs of each client. You may be interested in support during birth, or decide to extend the care to your postpartum period of healing — whichever the choice, we are committed to offering a holistic level of care from our hearts.


Ashe Birthing Services is a collective vision birthed between two sister-friends, Emilie and Griselda, in 2016. Today, it has grown into a community of specially selected birth workers that work together to provide full spectrum services to our families. We are an extension of our village, and we extend that as well to our clients.  Our respective experiences as doulas and mothers exposed us to the reality that doulas offer a level of care that is vital, yet under-utilized, within U.S. maternal care. For us, doulas are magic makers. Our presence can drastically enhance the birthing person's experiences. A doula’s role during birth is to make sure that the person knows that the sensations they are experiencing, which can often be intense and sometimes frightening, are all natural parts of the process of birthing new life on earth.

At Ashe Birthing Services, we believe that doulas play the part of the proverbial village. We offer a type of feminine energy that, we would attest to personally, creates a sense of peace and encouragement for the birthing person. We are trained in various modalities related to birth and postpartum care. Herbal remedies, lactation, and aromatherapy are some of the many things we rely on when providing support during and after birth.

Services Provided

Childbirth Educator
Lactation Counselor
Placenta Encapsulator