Damiris Perez
Owning Your Birth Doula Services
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1 - 10 births

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1 - 10 families
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Ancient Songs Doula Services-Full Spectrum
DONA International- Birth Doula
Pregnancy and Loss Advocate
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Abortion Doula
Bereavement Doula
Birth Doula
Full Spectrum Doula
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About the Provider

I am a woman of color who was raised in a Puerto Rican household in the lower east side of Manhattan.  I love to read novels and self-help books, meditate, dance and sing. Most of all, I love helping others.  As a doula, it allows me to help the birthing person and their partner by providing guidance before, during and after their birth. I am specifically trained and experienced in providing emotional support, physical comfort and non-clinical advice. I have a range of information, from nutrition to exercise, that can enhance the birthing experience.  I draw on knowledge and experience to reassure, encourage, comfort and empathize with the birthing person and their partner.

My doula practice, Owning Your Birth (OYB) Doula Services provides support and guidance to expectant birthing persons and couples, specializing in vaginal births after cesarean (VBAC) and pregnancy & loss services.  While OYB specializes in these two areas of birthing, guiding all expectant birthing persons through their birth journeys is a service we take great pride and confidence in providing.

My mission is to guide birthing persons in cultivating their own birthing story. As a soon-to-be birthing person, you have rights. Having a say in your healthcare plan and obtaining the birth experience you desire are your rights. 

I am a mother of two beautiful children. My first birthing journey was by cesarean and my second, vaginally (VBAC).  Through my journey I have witnessed the birthing person’s power being taken away from them when it should always be theirs! At OYB Doula Services, I will work with you to create the birth you want.


Offers & Pricing

Last Updated 02/07/2022
Doula Support - 3 prenatal virtual visits, birth support, 2 postpartum visits, weekly calls
Sliding scale available