Emilie Rodriguez
Birth Assistant
Lactation Counselor
Lactation/Feeding Specialist
Ashe Birthing Services
Regions Served
Long Island
Northern New Jersey
Southern Connecticut

# of Births Attended

101+ births

Affiliated Practice

BA in Medical Anthropology

# of Families Served

101+ families
Biomedical / Research Based
Traditional / Indigenous
Languages Spoken
Certifications, Trainings, or Apprenticeships
DONA Birth Doula Training - Facilitated by Rina Crane

"Mothering the Mother" Ancient, Holistic Postpartum Doula Training - Passed down by Mama Ma'at

Lactation for Doulas - Facilitated by Tanya Wills

Doula Corps within the NYC Doula Collective - Mentored by Jordan Christopher

Cerradas de Caderas Ceremony Training - Passed down by Karen Lopez & Jessi Bonilla

Manhattan Birth Mentor Program - Mentored by Tanya Wills, Sarah Anne Lovell, and Myla Flores

"Welcoming the Winds of Change" Healing Energy Workshop & Training- Passed down by Tania Romero

Home Birth Midwifery Assistant Training - Facilitated by Shana Norberg from JJB Midwifery

Comforting Touch for Doulas: Birth & Postpartum - Faciliated by Yiska Obadia

Mentor at Manhattan Birth - a 12 Month Mentorship Program for Doulas for three years

“A Cerrar Las Caderas” Ceremony 9-Month Online Training - Passed down by Panquetzani aka Indigemama

Sobadas workshops and trainings - Passed down from Mayte, a Mexican Traditional Sobadora

Neonatal Resuscitation Certification (NRP) - Facilitated by Karen Strange

“Grandma’s Hands” Ethno-Herbalism Course on Southern Birthing / Midwifery Traditions of African Americans - Passed down by Divine Bailey-Nicholas via Divine Birth Wisdom

Birth Assistant Training - passed down from traditional midwife Nubia Martin at Birth From the Earth
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Birthing Center
Services Offered
Birth Doula
Classes / Workshops / Trainings
Lactation Counselor
Meals / Food Prep / Food Delivery
Postpartum Doula

About the Provider

I am a traditional birth and postpartum doula that addresses birthing people's nutritional, physical, emotional, and spiritual well being. I believe every birthing person should have the birth they desire, the information needed to see it come to fruition, and be an advocate for themselves and their family. I believe that giving birth is one of the most sacred, yet normal, experiences in a birthing person's life and I want to help them stand in that power. I take a holistic approach to help get a person to the other side of the mountain we know as birth, using plant based medicine, aromatherapy, low guttural vocalization, rebozo, counter pressure, guided meditation, breathwork, etc.

My interests first started in medicine where I worked as a veterinary technician for years before becoming interested in the influences of culture on women's bodies. Although a different species, the anatomy and drugs used are the same, and it helps me give better care to my birth clients in hospital because I speak the same language as the medical staff and can help explain procedures and the purpose and side effects of drugs, as well as ask more specific questions during interactions with staff. I received my BA in Medical Anthropology from the City College of New York, with a focus on reproductive health in the United States. I did my first ethnography on doula work in Brooklyn, shadowing Chanel Porchia from Ancient Song Doula Services, and then another exploring birth experiences in the US and abroad. I was also a Colin Powell Fellow for Health Justice, advocating with Health Leads in Harlem Hospital's OB/GYN Unit to give low-income families access to resources they needed to stay healthy, as well as writing health policy to advance equality and civil rights at New York Lawyers for the Public Interest.

I always knew I wanted to work with women and children, but did not know in what capacity. It wasn't until I experienced labor and childbirth myself when giving birth to my son at home that I realized how transformative and empowering it could be. Birth work is definitely my passion and calling and I am honored to guide you and your family through such a sacred ceremony. 

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