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Lindsay Foster
Registered Nurse
Yoga Practitioner
Foster My Flow
Regions Served

# of Births Attended

11 - 30 births

# of Families Served

11 - 30 families
Biomedical / Research Based
Languages Spoken
Certifications, Trainings, or Apprenticeships
Birth and Postpartum Doula Training (DONA)
Certified 200h Yoga Instructor
Certified 85h Prenatal Yoga Training
NYS Registered Nurse
Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Program
Neonatal Resuscitation Program
Births Supported At
Birthing Center
Services Offered
Birth Doula
Postpartum Care
Postpartum Doula
Prenatal Care

About the Provider

Hello, I am Lindsay Foster, of Foster My Flow. I have successfully blended a career as a Birth Doula, Yoga Instructor and Registered Nurse. In my space, wellness is encouraged and comes to life through the supportive, holistic practices of yoga, meditation and birth work. I am a Brooklyn based New Yorker sharing my passion to bring folks another step closer to complete wellness. 
As a Doula, I believe it is most important to listen and understand the needs and plans of the birthing family, to respect their wishes, to be intentional, resourceful, and a reliable support person. I am here to assist families in receiving access to information and promoting self-advocacy, which is necessary to make informed decisions about their health and pregnancy. This means families receive proper care and education in all areas of their reproductive lifespan. A healthy life begins before birth. The better the health and stronger the family structure, the higher the probability of having healthy children and so on. Which also has a profound, healing generational impact.
I am a wife and a mother to four brilliant children. I enjoy painting, music, going for walks, dancing, me time and getting together with loved ones (because who doesn't love a dope party and great company!) I created Foster My Flow in December 2020 to “foster” community, confidence, and healing through an offering of equitable, direct support in Black and underserved communities. I am excited to extend this love and commitment to women's health by planting more seeds towards becoming a Nurse Midwife!
To date I have supported nearly twenty births, majority of which have been unmedicated, vaginal births. As well as two cesarean sections and three inductions. I offer postpartum support to promote physical and emotional healing by "Mother the mother/birthing person".
May our paths align.

Offers & Pricing

Last Updated 02/10/2022
Birth Support
Postpartum Support - 4hr minimum
Sliding scale available