Mama Mut
Happy Healthy Parents Network, LLC
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31 - 50 families
Traditional / Indigenous
Languages Spoken
Certifications, Trainings, or Apprenticeships
My self development training with Queen Afua, Iylanla Vanzant - Priestess (sacred anhk carrier with The Shrine of Khepera), Doula Training with Ancient Song.

Serving for over 20 years and Parenting for 45 years.
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In-Home Care
Postpartum Care

About the Provider

Mut Ra-t (pronounced Moot)/Geralyn Harry I am a master teacher of wellness and wholistic living. I worked many years in banking, while being self educated in the areas of healthy lifestyle habits and wellness. In my early years I was cognizant of my family members' health and emotional history which deepened my passion to study and become a health cyclebreaker. I am mother of 4 and a Grandmother of 6. I am blessed with a lot of bonus daughters and sons.

As a student of life, I bring the wisdom of my personal experiences as well integrated spirituality to my understanding and approach to self care and wellness. I believes that sickness of all kinds begins with emotional stress that festers and creates an imbalance in the physical body. I am the founder of Happy Healthy Parents, Network, LLC in 1999 who’s mission is to share my attraction of people, places, and experiences that is nurturing to my mind, body, and spirit. Through the Happy Healthy Parents Network I share my wisdom of my own wellness journey, supporting and inspire other families.

I continues to find myself pregnant and birthing my life work latest, Family & Postpartum Doula, Wombkeepers, Teaching families how to turn their homes into a WombLodge for every woman and young girl during their cycle/period time of month for their own practice of self care and nurturing. I offer  Red Tents healing Circles in- person and via zoom and one on one. I am a Reiki Master Teacher offering training in Reiki 1,2 & 3.

 With a “passion to serve”, I find joy in sharing resources and tools for healthy living as it is my dream that all families and individuals be inspired, encouraged, and supported to live healthy lives.


Offers & Pricing

Last Updated 09/01/2022
Postpartum Family Doula Services
$30-60 an hour sliding scale
Sliding scale available