Myla Flores
Birth Assistant
Childbirth Educator
Lactation/Feeding Specialist
My Loving Doula
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Northern New Jersey

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101+ births
Founder of The Birthing Place, My Loving Doula, and Co-founder of Uptown Village Cooperative

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101+ families
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Birthing Center
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Birth Doula
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Lactation/Feeding Specialist
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About the Provider

I am a birth doula, postpartum doula, birth assistant, Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, Spinning Babies Certified Parent Educator, and Certified Lactation Counselor. I was first initiated into birthwork in 2006 as a birth assistant for a homebirth midwifery practice then I eventually shifted into primarily offering support as a birth doula in my private practice My Loving Doula. In 2016, I co-founded Uptown Village Cooperative @uptownvillagenyc, a multicultural community of maternal health professionals supporting gentle birth and postpartum, breastfeeding, and reproductive health justice in Upper Manhattan & The Bronx. Currently, I'm working to open a Bronx based birth center, The Birthing Place @birthingplacebx. Experiences working in all birth settings, including midwifery-led birth centers around the country and world have allowed me to witness the beauty of birthing people with true autonomy over their bodies. And with the firm belief that more New Yorkers should have access to these types of birthing experiences, I am a committed birth justice activist who aims to bring a loving and holistic approach to childbirth to more NYC families. Meanwhile, I take on a minimal number of birth clients as I help lead efforts to grow childbirth education access for families, as well as mentorship opportunities for birth workers throughout Upper Manhattan and The Bronx.

I come from a big family as one of ten children, with more than 27 cousins, and more nieces and nephews. I take pride in being a cousin or aunt whom they can feel comfortable talking with about all things regarding reproductive wellness, sexual health, birth and postpartum. I enjoy a good read, great food, and any reason to dance.

Offers & Pricing

Last Updated 02/03/2022
Birth Doula Service:

Before Labor
I will meet with you and your birth partner 1-3 times before labor to become acquainted, familiarize myself with the kind of birth experience you wish to have, discuss your priorities, options, concerns, and going over any questions you may have. I’m glad to provide objective information, which will aid in making your birth plan. As we will get an understanding of how we might best work together as a team, I will use my training and experience to prepare you for labor, sharing pain coping techniques, physical positions for labor progress, and relaxation comfort measures. Between the times we meet in person, I can be reached by phone or email. Within two weeks of the baby’s due date, I am fully available to you for phone consultation until labor begins.

During Labor
Once you believe you are in labor, you’ll call me. I’ll listen, answer questions, and make suggestions over the phone. Together we will decide if I should come over or wait. I may need up to 60 minutes to arrive at your residence or intended place of labor. Once there, I will stay with you and your partner, making suggestions for progress, ease, comfort, supporting you throughout labor until your baby is born.

After Labor
I usually remain with you for one or two hours after birth, until you are comfortable and you and your family are ready for quiet time together. I assist with the initial feeding, providing hands on support with getting a good latch. I’m available to you by phone in the days following. If necessary, I can provide referrals to lactation consultants or other useful resources. We’ll plan a convenient time, usually within the first week after the birth, for our final postpartum visit. We will stay in touch in the days to follow your birth and set up an opportunity to check in on various aspects of your postpartum experience, talk about your labor, the birth, clarify details of events that took place, receive feedback, address breastfeeding concerns, and admire your baby - remaining a resource if any new need arises.

My Loving Doula - birth doula service breakdown
• Meet and greet interview
• One to two prenatal meetings before the birth
• Complementary provider visit with your midwife or OB
• Generous phone and email support throughout pregnancy and postpartum period
• Referrals for additional services you may be interested in
• On call 24 hours a day beginning 38 weeks gestation until birth
• Personalized help in preparing and honoring your birth plan
• Lending Library, including books and printed material
• Labor Support at your home before departing to place of birth (unless it’s a home birth)
• Continuous Presence throughout birth, providing emotional, physical, informational support throughout
• Hands-on support with Breastfeeding
• Continuous Presence and assistance in the immediate postpartum period
• Postpartum Visit to review birth, get feedback, and provide necessary referrals
• On Call Back-Up Doula


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