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My name is Nya Memaniye Cinque and it’s my pleasure to tell you a little bit about myself. I’ve been a Midwife since 1998 when I graduated from SUNY Health Science Center at Brooklyn. I’ve worked in hospital and birthing center settings and have been in the homebirth setting since 2001 when I took on my first “private practice” client. I was a labor and delivery nurse for 10 years prior to returning to school for midwifery. I am also a certified childbirth educator although I haven’t taught regularly in a long time.

My path to Midwifery started in 1987 when I gave birth to my son at home. He was my second child. I had my first in a hospital and the two experiences were like night and day. I decided in that moment, feeling the euphoria of that experience, that assisting women in childbirth at home with as many loving, supportive people around her as she wanted was THE THING to do in my life. If you do the math and add up the years it took me awhile to get here and the road wasn’t easy but the joy of the work has balanced out the difficulties. My journey has helped me to be the midwife that I am now. My journey has helped me to be the person that I am now. I believe and have seen that each person’s journey is different and exciting and interesting. We meet people and have experiences that teach us about ourselves; who we are, what we like and don’t like, what we are capable of. Birth is an experience that is a part of your journey. I am so grateful and feel so blessed to have shared and participated in the many wonderful journeys of the women whose births I have attended. They could never know how much they have taught me. I am humbled in the presence of the Creator’s work. That’s what midwifery is for me. The ability to assist women to do what the Creator has intended them to do, to grow within themselves and bring forth new life.

I have had five birth experiences of five wonderful children in my own journey. They teach me as I teach them every day. I am grateful for their presence in my life. I am also very grateful for my husband who has been my consistent support.

I love to travel. I have traveled to Cuba where I did my internship as a finishing student midwife. It was a wonderful exchange between our group of midwives and the Cuban government to learn from each other about birth practices in each of our countries. That experience made me see that birth, like music, is a universal language. Universal in the goal and the spirit of the process and yet individual in what a woman and her family gains from it. I plan to travel more in the future and perhaps one day I’ll be blogging you guys from different parts of the world!

I thank you for taking the time to read what I have to share with you. I invite you to explore other areas of our site to learn more about what we do and most of all I invite you to come and meet us in person.

I look forward to seeing you!

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