Samirah the Sapphic Siren
Body Worker
Tarot readings with my original poetry tarot deck, Reiki,
Tarot Tea Poetry
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Long Island
Staten Island
Southern Connecticut
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ONLINE ONLY - I do all my services Online , I’m not in NYC, I’m in California
Light Key Frequency by Nila
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Reiki, Tarot readings with my original poetry tarot deck
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Body Work
Well-Person Care

About the Provider

Hi I am Samirah, a poet, writer, and tarot reader. I also do reiki for healing (trained in light key frequency by Nila). I combine my poetry with tarot by doing readings from my poetry tarot deck. You can see more of me on Instagram or Etsy at tarotTeaPoetry.

Offers & Pricing

Last Updated 02/03/2022
I can do an intuitive tarot reading answering a question of your choice. Each reading is usually 20-30 minutes, and I charge $55. If you are Black or QTPOC, I charge $44. I will use my original poetry tarot deck, and send you a video recording for you to watch and reply. If you’d like a longer in depth reading, that can be arranged over phone call or video call, and we can speak more about the prices.

I can also do a virtual reiki session for you. I’ve been trained in Light Key Frequency by Nila. If you message me about what you are looking for, we can figure out the prices that work for you and are also fair to me.
Sliding scale available