Snanobia (Zenobia) Pack
Massage Therapist
WillowPsalm Services

Brooklyn, NY 11213
United States

Regions Served

# of Births Attended

11 - 30 births
Registered Medical Assistant , licensed Medical Esthetician, licensed lymphatic massage therapist , certified doula

# of Families Served

11 - 30 families
Languages Spoken
Certifications, Trainings, or Apprenticeships
Certified Doula , Licensed Medical Esthetician, Lymphatic Massage Therapist
Births Supported At
Birthing Center
Services Offered
Birth Doula
Postpartum Doula

About the Provider

What lead me coming into my purpose as a doula is witnessing the crisis of maternal and infant mortality in this country. The need and right for every birthing person to have a doula to have support no matter of socioeconomic, race education, immigration status . I feel that birth should be honored without coercion, interventions and fear. As a doula I believe in meeting people where they are, listening, educating and empowering the birthing person and families to make informed, evidence base decisions around health care, prenatal, postpartum period. I offer a safe space for them to plan and be more proactive in the choices around their bodies and make decisions that are right for them and their families.

Offers & Pricing

Last Updated 11/03/2022
Birth Support Package
Postpartum support packages (Min 6 visits up to 3 hours each)
$135-$175 per visit
Postpartum cooking visits (includes cost of ingredients)
Lymphatic body work for mom
Sliding scale available