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Tori Bee Doula Services
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Southern Connecticut

# of Births Attended

1 - 10 births

# of Families Served

11 - 30 families
Biomedical / Research Based
Traditional / Indigenous
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Births Supported At
Birthing Center
Services Offered
Birth Doula
In-Home Care
Meals / Food Prep / Food Delivery
Perinatal Care
Postpartum Care
Postpartum Doula
Prenatal Care

About the Provider

Hi there, I'm Tori!

After supporting my sister through her third birth in 2017, my whole world changed to how fascinating and beautiful the birth world can be! And immediately, my pursuit to find my groove in the community began! I started my journey into birth work as a nursing student at Three Rivers Community College. I started in the nursing program and had planned to be a labor & delivery nurse to eventually be a midwife but decided the medical field wasn't for me right now. I ended up graduating with my Associate's Degree in General Studies May 2020 and pursuing doula work! 

Being a doula is a passion of mine that goes beyond "just a profession". Growing up with two biracial parents, I’ve seen the difference between access to medical care, evidence based knowledge and advocation for Indigenous peoples and POC, especially mothers of color. BIPOC mothers and families shouldn’t have to worry about being medically neglected or traumatized during their birth experience. My goal as a doula is to help inform mothers of their options and teach them to feel confident in their parenting decisions/skills. All mothers deserve support and to feel heard! Birth work isn’t just witnessing the miracle of birth, it is an act of social justice, taking back the knowledge and power of the female body. The state of Connecticut is in the beginning works of Medicaid providing doula coverage, which will open up a world of opportunity for many women, but mainly women of color who make up more than 50% of Medicaid recipients in the state. I am a birth and postpartum doula through DONA International's certification program, as international certification is needed prior to state certification.

I attended a birth doula training workshop virtually by Tara Campbell, CD, BDT(DONA), LCCE, in April 2020. That was followed by a postpartum doula and breastfeeding training virtually by Ann Grauer, AdvCD/AdvPCD(DONA), BDT/PDT(DONA), LCCE, FACCE, IBCLC, RLC. I'm always increasing my knowledge with books and plan to continue my education with workshops throughout the years to come.

I have assisted multiple families through birth and postpartum. Every families needs are different and holding space to allow you to customize our work for your needs is my goal. Many things are even more uncertain during COVID-19 times, but I do my best to prepare my families for all circumstances and to feel confident in the decisions being made.
If you have any questions, please contact me or sign up for a free consultation!

Offers & Pricing

Last Updated 02/03/2022
Birth Planning
This package includes two 30 minute video calls to discuss and create a birth template. Birth templates prepare mothers and families of their options and potential outcomes based on the decisions they choose. Questions can freely be answered by email or text message up until birth.

Virtual Prenatal and Delivery Package
This package includes the full birth package from meeting to 4 weeks postpartum, I will be available by phone and email and will be available by video chat or phone call to help guide you through your birth process. Even with COVID, we can still aim to prepare and support you through your birth experience.

Prenatal and Delivery Package
This package includes the full birth package from meeting to 4 weeks postpartum, I will be available by phone and email and will be present to help guide you through your birth process. My goal is to make this transition as smooth as possible and help your family reach your dream birth experience.

Postpartum Package
This package includes a prenatal visit to plan the style of postpartum care you would like and 12 hours of postpartum doula services. A minimum session is 4 hours. Postpartum visits are typically scheduled in advance for available time slots.

Sliding scale is available based on household income. Do not hesitate to ask about it.
Sliding scale available