Valencia Andrews
Lactation/Feeding Specialist
Placenta Encapsulator
Newborn Care Specialist
Valencia Andrews Birth Services
Regions Served
Long Island
Southern Connecticut
Northern New Jersey
Other regions served
Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia, Philadelphia, Western Massachusetts, Boston, Harker Heights, TX and Los Angeles

# of Births Attended

101+ births
B.A.; M.Ed.

# of Families Served

101+ families
Biomedical / Research Based
Traditional / Indigenous
Languages Spoken
Births Supported At
Birthing Center
Services Offered
Postpartum Care
Perinatal Care
Birth Doula
Postpartum Doula
Lactation/Feeding Specialist
Placenta Encapsulation
Meals / Food Prep / Food Delivery

About the Provider

I am a birth and postpartum professional providing holistic support to individuals and families across the lower Hudson Valley, southern Connecticut, northern New Jersey and the greater New York City area. My path to birth work was inspired by attending my first births as a child and later, through supporting close friends and family during their labor and delivery experiences. After attending the birth of my very dear friend in 2015, I went on to take my first birth training with DONA International and later, my first postpartum training with La Matrona. In search of community and ways to build my skillset as a Doula, I joined Manhattan Birth's Mentorship program in 2016. During my 18 months of mentorship, I had the opportunity to study and commune with other incredibly knowledgeable birth-workers, receive invaluable mentoring, participate in healing circles, and work alongside home birth midwives. This allowed me to expand my services to meet the needs of more individuals and families with unique birth plans and stories. It was these formative experiences that guided me during my early and ongoing training, informing my current approach as a birth-worker. I strive to bring a sense of calm, security and community to my clients and birthing families. I start with getting to know each client and their story--what brought them to this point? This helps me to first, understand clients' needs and then, guide clients in understanding their own needs and resources available to them and their families. My goal in supporting birthing clients and families is to help them get in tune with themselves, their babies, families and ultimately their communities. I believe that healthy and thriving communities begin with birth and that's where I work to close the gap.

Offers & Pricing

Last Updated 02/03/2022
I offer a sliding scale of $1800-$2600 for labor support services, which includes: 2-3 prenatal visits, in-person support for labor and delivery, one postpartum visit and two months of additional phone/email support. For postpartum support, I offer services at a rate of $50/hourly and ask for a minimum of 3 hours for Manhattan-based families and a minimum of 4 hours otherwise. Placenta Encapsulation is offered for a fee of $400--with a requirement of $100 deposit. Postpartum goods are made by request and vary in cost, depending on the product and specifications.
Sliding scale available