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Conscious Birth Collective
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April 11, 2022 – August 12, 2022

1:1 Mentoring, Community Building, Virtual Workshops & Apprenticeship

Twice a year, Conscious Birth Collective, a concerted community of leaders in the doula profession, accepts a small cohort of birth workers who have taken a birth doula training, and have a committed interest and readiness to expand their work in this very special field.

Oftentimes the challenging situations of doulas unsure about themselves, as they embark on supporting their first births, play a role in their ability to dive into the field. Other times, they have supported few or many births yet believe they can still reap benefits from mentorship. This spring, we offer a unique opportunity to work within a community of BIPOC doulas as you support birth and grow your business!

Our mentors have something special in common as founding members of collectives: Myla Flores of Uptown Village Cooperative, Nicole Jean Baptiste of Sésé, Birthing Freedom/ Bronx (Re)Birth and Progress Collective, Aida Alfonzo of Innatus Birth, Evelyn Alvarez of Bronx (Re)Birth and Progress Collective, Naima Beckles of For Your Birth, and Emilie Rodriguez of Ashe Birthing Services. We are individuals who value community. We are each uniquely experienced in the birth field, can offer loving guidance and direction, help provide accountability, and of course plenty of support.

Our Mentorship Program is offered for birth professionals who are Black, Indigenous and/or People of Color, whether they are brand new to the birth community, established birth workers looking to grow their expertise and enhance their practice, or anywhere in between. At this time, we are accepting ten birth doulas into our 18 week hybrid apprenticeship. Virtual and in person, we have two dynamic workshops a month, tailored to the needs of the mentees, and taught by our mentors. The mentees will also shadow their mentor in prenatals, births, postpartum, and lactation, depending on their desires or goals. This shadowing component is what makes our program so unique! We will have bimonthly check ins and also group meetings once a month.