Elizabeth Ramos Cartagena, CLC, CCCE
Childbirth Educator
Lactation Counselor
Lactation/Feeding Specialist
Regions Served
Southern Connecticut
Other regions served
New Rochelle, Yonkers

# of Births Attended

1 - 10 births
Other services offered
Perinatal Coordination and Education

# of Families Served

101+ families
Languages Spoken
Certifications, Trainings, or Apprenticeships
-Certified Lactation Counselor/Consultant since 2015
-Certified Childbirth Educator since 2019
-Sexual and Reproductive Health Educator since 2014
-Certified Options Counseling Counselor
-Lactation Specialist
Reproductive Justice Framework, motivational interviewing, trans-theoretical model application, individualized clinical sessions, and the implementation of Bias Mitigation Strategies during sessions
Services Offered
Childbirth Education
Classes / Workshops / Trainings
Lactation Counselor
Lactation/Feeding Specialist

About the Provider

I am a native Bronx Boricua raising a tiny and mighty Scorpio Queen. My passion for birth work, birthing families and our community began at the tender age of 8 years old when I watched, "A Baby Story" on TLC. I immediately understood that supporting a birthing person did not mean "delivering" babies but to support and empower birthing people to believe that they are capable of bringing their children earthside; that village often is made up of people you least expect, and that we are so worthy and deserving of that empowerment and support; especially in the face of systems and structures designed to create disparities. As a single mother with chronic invisible illnesses and a neurodivergent brain, I am a product of my community. 

You are worthy of being heard and seen. My role is to support you while providing education and resources so you feel empowered to make informed decisions throughout your journey. 

Experience with high risk pregnancies due to disability and supporting individuals during scheduled cesareans.


Sliding scale available