Fox Indigo
Mental Health Therapist
Integrative Wellness Coaching; Reiki Practitioner (Energy Healing)
Sacred Indigo Wellness & Reiki
Regions Served
Long Island
Since 2018 provided private home wellness (wkly. Reiki) services to cancer survivors & sexual assault victims, summer 2019 facilitated 12 week Transformation Workshop, via Black Healer Fund 2020 offered free wellness & reiki treatments to Black (including LGBTQ+) & POC community.
Other services offered
Lifestyle (Integrative) Coaching & Wellness

# of Families Served

11 - 30 families
Languages Spoken
Services Offered
In-Home Care
Medical Care
Postpartum Care
Prenatal Care

About the Provider


I'm Fox and I partner with each of my clients to support their journey to holistic wellness. As a professional Integrative Wellness & Reiki Practitioner my purpose has been since 2018, to assist clients in taking accountability for a more balanced lifestyle and encouraging positive habits that reflect their ability to expand self-awareness and achieve personal breakthroughs. I offer a combination of holistic healing modalities (Integrative Wellness & Reiki) to support my clients in setting healthy boundaries & manifesting their desired lifestyle goals. This approach allows the client to self-develop at their own pace. Applying this method has benefited a diverse range of clients, healing from various aliments such as surgical procedures, mental illness, and emotional struggles to name a few. It links the mental health state of the client to their physical health and the improvement of the healing process at all stages.

What is?...
Integrative Wellness is a holistic support method that encourages creative solutions & unique roadmaps to assist individual clients in cultivating healthier personal practices in self-healing. 

What is?...
Reiki is an ancient gentle-touch practice that promotes a healthy flow of stagnant energy & release chakra blockages effecting daily life negatively.

Personally and professionally I love meeting & growing into relationships with peoples of diverse cultures & social backgrounds. I believe that each of us have a unique journey to honor by learning to celebrate our life to the fullest. Creating a calm space for clients to realign, find balance, and restore wellness brings me peace & I enjoy watching each of my clients give themselves permission to heal and live from their authentic self.

Offers & Pricing

Last Updated 02/03/2022
In-Home Services - VIP Wellness Clients

Wellness Appointment Includes:
45 min. Reiki Session (includes Aura Cleanse)
20 min. Wellness Session (Self-Care Check & Talk Therapy)

In-Home VIP Service A.
$340* or Deposit $100 & 2 payments/$120

In-Home VIP Service B.
I Am the Sun VIP,
$460* or Deposit $115 & 3 payments/$115

All clients have the option to pay for service in full OR schedule payments.
*Sliding Scale is available to those experiencing financial hardship.
Sliding scale available