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About the Provider

Welcome, I'm grateful for the opportunity to join you on your healing journey.

My name is Seph, and Healing is a multi-generational Gift and Practice in my family that I am privileged to share with my communities. As a trained Counselor and Intuitive Healer, I support my clients in connecting with their own knowledge, expertise, and intuition about their bodies, spirits, and experiences to help create a thorough, collaborative experience that centers their priorities, well-being, and needs. It's a deeply important practice to me as a Black Queer Healer, both as part of my lineage, and as a way to give direct care to my world and my people affected by the ways we are devalued within mainstream medical institutions. Being able to create pockets of care, visibility, and love can make a significant difference in experience and outcomes.

I began my training as a facilitator 15 years ago in my Caribbean community as an arts-based socio-emotional educator, and continued that work as an organizer, program developer, and educator. All of these paths have emphasized for me the importance of healing and development as a collaborative process - all of us have skills, knowledge, and intuition that only need to be recognized, respected, and illuminated. By combining my skills as an Energy Healer (Reiki Level III), a Trauma-Informed Counselor, and Community Facilitator, I listen deeply to clients' wants, needs, and curiosities, and journey with them as they explore and move toward their best selves. It's deeply important to me that the individuals and families I work with come away with new skills, confidence, and resources to support their ongoing healing and development.

Energy Healing can be used to address Physical, Psychological/Emotional, and Spiritual wounding and well-being. For birthing families, this can include providing ease for emotional and physical pain/discomfort, explore trauma, patterns, and blockages and heal them, and to provide space to develop discernment and intuition. I currently work in my community in Brooklyn, and can also provide services long-distance. Packages can be arranged for long-term arrangements and to ease financial obligation.

I have a dual A.B. from Brown University in Human Development and Psychology, a M.A. from New York University in Educational Leadership, Politics, and Advocacy, and I am a Reiki Master.

Offers & Pricing

Last Updated 02/03/2022
15min Reiki: $30
(30min session)
- Brief Welcome + Assessment, 15mins Reiki, Debrief + Closing

25min Reiki: $50
(45min session)
- Brief Welcome + Assessment, 25mins Reiki, Debrief + Closing

45min Reiki: $75
(1hr session)
- Brief Welcome + Assessment, 45mins Reiki, Debrief + Closing
Sliding scale available