Chatequa Campbell
Lactation Counselor
Lactation/Feeding Specialist
Cam's Doula Care

Prospect Place
Brooklyn, NY 11213
United States

Regions Served

# of Births Attended

11 - 30 births

Affiliated Practice

M. Ed Mild/Moderate Special Needs Education
B.A. in Early Childhood and Human Development

# of Families Served

11 - 30 families
Perinatal Care
Languages Spoken
Certifications, Trainings, or Apprenticeships
Postpartum Care Provider Training, Erika Davis of Whole Body Pregnancy- January 2024-March 2024
Comforting Touch for Doulas, Yiska Obadia- May 2023
Integrative Lactation and Feeding Specialist Training, Manhattan Birth, June 2023-August 2023
Manhattan Birth, Birth and Postpartum Doula training & Mentorship, Year 1, 2, & 3- mentored by Sarah Anne Lovell & Claudia Gerbracht
Spinning Babies 2-Day Workshop, Bianca Tema Mercado LM, May 2023
Acupressure Workshop for Birth Workers, Diana Yoon, March 2023
Intro to Bengkung Belly Binding, Yvonne Hancock, April 2023
Conscious Birth Collective Mentorship Program, April 2022-August 2022
Understanding the Rebozo, Montse Olmos- January & February 2022
Making Birth Work Trans and Queer Inclusive, Ray Rachlin- January 2022
Walking with Whitney: Infant Development from Birth to 6 months- May 2022
Comprehensive Childbirth Prep, Manhattan Birth- October-December 2021
Postpartum Recovery & Physiology, Montse Olmos and Sophia O’Shaughnessy- November 2021
Births Supported At
Birthing Center
Services Offered
Birth Doula
In-Home Care
Lactation Counselor
Lactation/Feeding Specialist
Postpartum Care
Postpartum Doula

About the Provider

Hi y'all! 

I am a birth and postpartum doula. My work is shaped and informed by a deep knowledge and love for early childhood education and human development. 

Before entering the birthworker field, I was an Early Childhood Special Educator where I taught for 13 years. It was there that my love for all things young children, babies, and supporting families flourished. It brought me great joy to watch her students and their families evolve throughout the course of the school year and subsequent years to follow. One of my core beliefs is that children are the GREATEST GIFTS to the planet; they fill us with joy & wonder. 

My style as your doula is one of compassion, leading with my heart, and being an active listener. It is of the utmost importance to me that you feel seen, safe, nurtured, and empowered to be your most authentic self. I  infuse love, joy, calm, and a “you’ve got this'' attitude into all that I do. I champion the families I support by ensuring that they are well informed with evidenced based resources and uplifted emotionally and mentally. I utilize comforting touch/massage, acupressure, breathwork, movement, and essential oils in my work with clients. 

I am a native New Yorker, born and raised in Brooklyn. I am queer –embracing and celebrating difference is important to me. I am a lover of travel, nature, long walks, and relishing in the simple pleasures and joys of life. Many people would describe my aura as sunshine yellow. 


Offers & Pricing

Last Updated 01/25/2024
Birth Doula
$ 1800
Postpartum Care (Daytime)
$ 40 per hour
Postpartum Care (Overnight)
$ 400 per night
Sibling Doula Care
$ 800
Sliding scale available